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Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Your Pet

Welcome to Dr. Mike’s Furry Friends Animal Hospital. We’re located in Niagara Falls, NY, but we have clients (and of course, their owners) all over Western New York.

Dr. Michael Borowiec has been practicing for 28 years as a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) and has operated his clinic with his trusted staff of veterinary professionals since 1997. We have scores of satisfied customers, and a growing base of owners and their pets are finding their way to us.

That’s because we've proven that our level of care, professionalism and compassion are unparalleled in the Buffalo, NY area. We know that your pets are some of the most beloved members of your family, so we approach each and every procedure, operation or check-up with that in mind, so much, so that we consider your furry little loved ones as part of our extended family, too!

Give us a call or stop by. We’ll lend a caring ear, diagnose the problem and do what we do best: ensure your pet’s health, well-being and happiness is at its best.


As our name suggests, we’ll welcome just about any animal with fur. But we care for furry animals only—Dr. Mike is not currently accepting any feathered (birds) or reptilian (iguanas, lizards, etc.) or gilled (fish) patients. However, we do know specialists who deal with those kinds of animals and will be happy to refer you to them.

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